Our rigorous four-year program will prepare our high school students for success in college, the pursuit of a career, and powerful civic and community engagement. Classes will meet weekly for most of the year, only pausing for January and July Explorations programs. Students will have the opportunity to earn multiple Regents certifications, as well as complete AP and college-level coursework. And courses will be designed to support both in-person and remote learning experiences. Over their four years, students can expect that their academic experiences will evolve in significant ways.

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Throughout the high school years, students will establish a strong foundation of:

Explorations & Elective Courses

Through these courses students will pursue their own unique and varied interests in the arts, language study, finance, and wellness.


meet in the afternoons of  the regular academic day, multiple times a week.


will occur over 1-3 week periods during January and July breaks and will offer more flexible and customizable learning opportunities for students.

Capstone Projects

Each year students will lead, co-create and participate in interdisciplinary projects, which will culminate in public exhibitions in the fall and spring.

In 9th and 10th grade, Capstone Projects are structured like traditional research projects. In 11th and 12th grades, students will have the flexibility in designing the structure, products and process for their Capstone Projects, allowing students to build a portfolio of work based on individual passions and interests.

Capstone Projects may include external partners or collaborators, and students are encouraged to be creative in their exploration of the City’s needs and resources.


All students will be supported throughout their four years through a robust advisory experience. Ninth and tenth grade advisories will be focused on helping students navigate the transition to high school. Eleventh and twelfth grade advisories are focused on intensive post-secondary planning.

Advisory groups will be small – 12-15 students – and will stay together for two years. Advisory groups will meet multiple times a week all four years, and advisors will serve as coaches and mentors, establishing strong personal connections with their students and creating safe spaces for sharing and reflection.

Post-Secondary Planning

Our successful Legacy Network has taught us that comprehensive post-secondary planning is critical to our students and graduates long term success. Our counselors and advisors will work with students beginning in grade 9. Our program is built to provide students with the time, space, and support to develop their own unique, actionable post-secondary “launch plans.” By the time our students graduate, they will have a clear 5-year blueprint for life after high school, including plans for continued study in college / university, work / career options, the pursuit of passions and financial independence.